Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is a phenomenal source of traffic. According to Alexa ratings Facebook is #2 on the web for traffic, behind Google. ¬†Facebook exceeds ratings of all other websites, even popular names such as Yahoo, YouTube, Bing, and Wikipedia. Also with Facebook you can target your exact market by age, sex, interest and more.¬† The only catch is they are not looking for your services. So if you want to gain new customers on Facebook you have to advertise with a different strategy by somehow bridging the gap between socializing and wanting your service. Just contact us if you need help with that. That’s what we do.

Facebook Country Statistics

14 Largest Countries
1. United States 86,406,460
2. United Kingdom 20,214,180
3. Turkey 13,104,960
4. Canada 12,862,140
5. France 12,245,140
6. Italy 11,573,640
7. Indonesia 9,642,620
8. Australia 6,572,900
9. Spain 6,554,500
10. Argentina 6,380,080
11. Colombia 6,198,020
12. Chile 5,211,360
13. Venezuela 4,284,480
14. India 4,172,480
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