Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial networking sites offer powerful opportunities to promote your business. Facebook alone has over 650 million members with over 70% logging in every day. You have huge potential to reach and engage your target audience as well as your current customers.

When it comes to Social Media Marketing we offer many different services, but our specialty is advertising on social network ad platforms like Facebook, MyAds, Plenty of Fish and Linkedin. Not all platforms are right for all businesses, so we will customize an action plan that is right for you!

Our popular packages to get you started:

Facebook Advertising

Set up initial ad campaign with multiple image creatives, multiple headlines and ad copies
Set up tracking links
Set up of lead generation forms landing pages or fan gates if needed (see below)
Test the campaign on a specified geo-targeted area and chose the winning creatives.
Split test into gender and small age groups to maximize CTR
Create an additional three more ad variations to rotate out through the month to overcome banner blindness
Scale and optimize the campaign for maximum reach and lowest cost

Additional possibilities
Lead capture
Viral Content

Facebook Fan Page

Page set up
Creatives designed for custom tab
Twitter setup and linked to page

Additional possibilities
Fan gating
Video Embed
Lead capture form
Contest or giveaway

Facebook App Landing Page

App set up
Creatives and optin form created
Tracking code installed and tested