Social Media Marketing is quite the buzz right now and it is one of the best ways to reach and connect with your target audience. It does have a couple limitations which are easily overcome.  It is sometime slow in reaching your market and it is not the best tool for direct selling. To overcome the slowness and to get a social media campaign moving quick you can run ads on the social media platform you are using.  The traffic can be sent to your fan or group page, directly to your website or to a dedicated landing page set up to capture the lead information. All have there place depending on what you are trying to accomplish.  Now about direct selling. It is near impossible to sell right from a social media site. What you want to do instead is to build a relation ship with the potential client. One great way to do that is by recommend they  fan you or you capture their information on a landing page. I prefer the landing page approach because you can later redirect them back to your fan page since you already have their contact information. I will save the building your relationship with them for another post but just know it it a long term sales approach.

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